What makes Barlow Anderson, LLC different?

At Barlow Anderson, LLC, we are committed to providing every client with an excellent, personalized experience. We understand that our clients are all unique and all have different goals, and we tailor our services to the needs of each individual. It makes a difference! Read below to find out what our clients are saying about us.

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The Barlow Anderson law firm has extremely competent professionals dedicated to providing exceptional services in employer defense of Alaska Workers’ Compensation cases. Martha Tansik and Adam Sadoski are impressive with their knowledge level of the Alaska Workers’ Compensation arena. They both provide straightforward and very clear opinions and recommendations. Both are considered true assets to our workers’ compensation program as we navigate the challenging Alaska Workers’ Compensation environment……..nowhere else could you give an attorney nothing but the claim file notes to review on a lengthy litigated claim, only to have the case settled less than 3 hours later for significantly less amount than planned for. Martha has saved our program and the taxpayer a significant amount of money in a very limited time frame…….Shannon Fuller, Workers’ Compensation Administrator, Municipality of Anchorage-Risk Management.

Shannon FullerWorkers’ Compensation AdministratorMunicipality of Anchorage-Risk Management

Leonard Anderson has been both our family and business attorney for almost 20 years. Having immediate access to an attorney of his caliber has been a great comfort and huge advantage over the years. It is rare to find an attorney who makes you feel as if you are his top priority and communicates with you both quickly and clearly. I have always felt at ease talking to Leonard, as if he was a family friend that is always there… with his vast knowledge and experience, along with his warm personality, he makes dealing with sensitive situations much easier. When sorting through the details of life and business, having a great attorney that can guide you through the legal process, is invaluable. I highly recommend Leonard, and have done so many times and will continue to.

Holly SlinkardSlinkard & Smith Co LLCMcKinley Creekside Cabins & Cafe

Over 20 years ago as a workers’ compensation adjuster, I was working with a law firm here in Anchorage for defense work. I typically used only a couple of select attorney’s from this firm. There came a time when I decided to try a different attorney because I felt like I needed someone that would think “outside the box” in this challenging world of Alaska Workers’ Compensation. Nora Barlow was recommended to me. I found Nora to be exactly who I needed on my more complex cases. At some point, Nora left this particular firm and I sought her out at her new firm and continued to work with her. I have worked with Nora ever since. Because of her presentation and knowledge, I have expanded my work with her to include management training for the large Corporation I work for. She has done this training for the last couple of years and it has been well received. It can be difficult to find that right match – but I did.

Lynn PalazzottoWorkers’ Compensation Sr. Program Manager