Power of Attorney 101

Things keep working the way you always think they will--until they don’t. This can be especially disorienting in terms of your health, where the lack of a backup plan can have swift financial and logistical consequences. For these reasons, it’s best that you draft a power of attorney (POA) deed while you’re still in possession of your physical and mental faculties; these arrangements can save both you and your loved Read More

What is a Buy-Sell Agreement?

Change is constant, in business as well as life. When you run a business, however, any change in each shareholder’s circumstances can have a detrimental impact on the company and even threaten its survival. This is where a buy-sell agreement can make a critical difference in the future of your business. When properly drafted and executed, it protects a company from potentially negative choices or actions of the Read More

Understanding Alaska Probate

Probate proceedings can be complicated and challenging. While probate may be necessary in some cases, there are situations where you can take advantage of a simplified version. In this blog, we’ll explain how probate works in Alaska and when you can bypass it. Formal Probate Formal probate cases are heard before a judge or magistrate and require pre-notification to all parties with a legal interest in the estate. Read More

No Personal Representative? Not a Problem!

Part of creating an estate plan involves choosing the person who will act as your Personal Representative or “executor” after you pass away. This person will make sure your wishes as expressed in your will are respected. Their responsibilities include identifying and collecting your assets, paying your debts and taxes, and distributing your assets to whomever you have selected to receive them.   Most people select a Read More

A Guide to Five Popular Estate Planning Tools

Power of attorney Creating an estate plan is an essential part of smart planning for the future. If you are new to estate planning -- perhaps one of the many people who has realized how fragile life is as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and wants to prepare for unexpected possibilities -- you might not realize how many useful tools you have at your disposal. Today, we’re taking a very basic look at some of our Read More

Adult Guardianship – The Basics

When you think of a guardian, you likely think of a child’s parents. But did you know that an incapacitated adult can also have a guardian? Courts can appoint a person or even an institution to make decisions for an adult who is not capable of making decisions for him- or herself. In a guardianship, the person who is incapacitated is referred to as the “respondent or ward.” Guardian vs. Conservator in Alaska In Read More