Aid those who need special care and protection

While we often think of guardianship with regard to children, sometimes adults need guardians, too. We assist in both situations. An adult becomes incapacitated as a result of aging, illness, or injury, and often this means they are no longer able to make their own decisions regarding health care, finances, and personal care. In these cases, a guardianship needs to be established.

In your will, you choose a guardian to care for your children should the unthinkable happen. An adult may also designate a guardian for themselves in their estate planning documents. Sometimes there is not a plan or things do not go as planned. We can help when the unexpected occurs. 

For people who can still manage many of their own decisions, but need assistance managing their finances, a conservator may be appropriate.

At Barlow Anderson, LLC, we understand that every situation is unique. We handle all legal issues surrounding both guardianships and conservatorships. We can help both those filing for the appointment of a guardian and those for whom a guardian appointment has been requested. We collaborate closely with our clients to reach favorable outcomes that best address the needs of the individual.