Julie Eibeck, Office Manager

Barlow Anderson is blessed to have a stable, brilliant team led by Julie Eibeck. Julie moved with her family from Iowa to Anchorage, Alaska in 1972 driving the Alaska-Canada Highway (Alcan) towing all their possessions in a trailer behind their vehicle. After graduating in 1984 with her Associate degree, she started her legal career in Anchorage working for five years as a legal secretary for a two-attorney office and then joined the firm of Davison & Davison, Inc. as a Legal Secretary where she remained for 24 years eventually becoming the Legal Secretary/Office Manager. Upon leaving Davison & Davison, Inc., Julie joined the firm of Burr, Pease & Kurtz as a legal secretary where she remained until Barlow Anderson, LLC was formed in 2017. At Barlow Anderson Julie is the Legal Secretary/Office Manager. Julie has extensive experience in the areas of civil litigation, construction law, employment law, workers’ compensation defense, transactional and business law, and is familiar with Alaska and federal rules of civil procedure. When she isn’t keeping the firm running and the lawyers in line, Julie likes to spend time “thrifting” on the weekend and babysitting her grandchildren.